Have you ever wondered what is even more complex than the visa process?

It’s the wait for visa approval after the successful completion of the visa process, which seems like an eternity. It can be frustrating at times, making you feel as if your life is on hold..

But don’t worry, we are here with some ideas that can help you relax while you wait for that golden e-mail!!


1. Update the resume

How about making your resume appealing with some added skills and certification? Sounds great, right? Go for it! Search for the skills that would help you attract better opportunities in Australia and start a certificate course or diploma in the same field. Added knowledge is never harmful anyway!


2. Networking

Network Network Network! Networking is the key to settling easily in a new place. The technological advancement has brought the world at your fingertips. Find people in Australia through social media platforms and professional platforms like LinkedIn, and connect with them. You never know who could help you in what situations! There are a number of groups on Facebook that would help you get to know the community beforehand!

3. Planning

Planning is always essential in all areas of life, especially when relocating your whole life to a new place. Start planning for your new life and look for the services you will need after landing! Search for affordable accommodations and other services like travel insurance, shipping agents, agencies for hiring a car, etc.

4. Prepare a budget

Start planning your expenses in advance. Prepare a budget for all the costs you will have to incur in order to have a smooth transition. This would include the visa costs as well as the ones after you arrive in Australia!

5. Look for job opportunities

Start searching for jobs online. There are a lot of job portals that would help you get an idea of the job market and the remuneration being offered for a certain position. You will get an idea of which state or province has the most job opportunities in your field and could possibly get a job before your arrival! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

6. Spend time with loved ones

Changing countries and moving overseas is definitely an emotional decision, as you won’t see your loved ones as frequently as you used to. Make the most of your time, plan more and more fun gatherings or even a few trips with your family and friends, and create memories that will help you survive in a new place!

7. Research

An enormous amount of research is always beneficial when moving to a new place, as it gives you an idea of the culture, lifestyle, systems, etc. of that country. You can also conduct research on which city will best suit your needs to move to.

8. Take a deep breath

We understand that the wait for a visa grant can keep you on your toes and add to your stress, which can definitely affect your health. Don’t overstress yourself, and keep your health intact to enjoy your life in Australia when you arrive. And what else could help you do stay fit- physically and mentally- except a good workout and meditation? So, take a deep breath, relax, and live your life as you wait for the visa!

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