All You Need to Know About the Global Talent Program / Global Talent Visa

With Global talent competition getting fiercer, Australia is working to entice the best and the brightest to its shores, in order to build a stronger economy. For this very reason, the Department of Home Affairs has started a program called Global Talent Program, to which there are around 5000 places allocated.

What Is Global Talent Program?

The Global Talent Program has been started for individuals with a track record of extraordinary and outstanding accomplishment in a sector or in future-focused sectors, as recognised on a global level.
The Global Talent visa is a permanent visa for eminent and exceptionally talented people who could boost Australia’s standing in their field.
The individuals with outstanding achievements, particularly high-earning individuals in future-focused sectors, are offered a migration pathway through this program. This would create opportunities for Australians by:
  • Transferring skills
  • Promoting innovation
  • Creating jobs
Australia, being a lifestyle destination, with its prosperity, safety and cultural diversity, offers opportunities for innovation. With its strong trading links and a business-friendly regulatory approach, it provides immense opportunities to the individuals who are highly talented and ambitious.

What Is Global Talent Employer Sponsored Program?

This program is designed to attract highly skilled migrants with cutting-edge skills into niche occupations. This helps innovate established businesses and contribute to Australia’s developing start-up ecosystem.

The Global Talent Employer Sponsored (GTES) program allows employers to sponsor overseas workers for highly-skilled niche positions that cannot be filled:

  • By Australian workers
  • Through other standard visa programs – in particular, the Short-term stream and Medium-term stream of the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa.

Key Features of GTES

  • Trusted employers can access highly-skilled roles. You are not restricted to occupation lists for the TSS visa short-term or medium–term streams
  • There are 2 streams – Established business and Start-ups
  • The earning threshold for applicants is higher than under the standard TSS stream
  • You can negotiate variations on the standard TSS visa requirements
  • The visa is valid for up to 4 years and allows access to a permanent residence pathway
  • You can negotiate age requirements for the permanent residence pathway
  • Priority processing of GTES agreements.

Who Can Nominate Applicants?

Ways to get nominated for GTP:

Have a nominator with a national reputation in your area of talent who is:

1) An Australian Citizen

2) AN Australian Permanent Resident 

3) An eligible New Zealand Citizen

4) An Australian Organisation


Talking about the Assessment Authorities, currently there are two of them eligible to nominate the applicants for GTP:

– Engineers Australia

– Australian Computer Society Inc.

As Australia’s peak bodies for assessment, they are eligible to assess and nominate applicants for the GTVP. The Department considers every nominee on their individual merit, including those nominated by Engineers Australia.

GTVP applicants need to be nominated by an individual or Australian organisation with a national reputation in the same field as the nominee.

How Can You Apply For Nomination?

Follow these Simple Steps:

1) Review the eligibility requirements

    EOI requirements under the Global Talent program, individuals who are:

    – Highly skilled in one of the Minister’s defined sectors (or in a related sector); and

    – Currently earning, or likely to earn at or above the Fair Work high income threshold of AUD162,000. (Figure adjusted annually)

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